Contacts Page for SDR's

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How does your SDR's (Sales Development Reps, that outbound prospect) use the contact page? What field are you using so that a manager can run a report to see all sales activity?

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Contact pages really are more useless for managing a list of potential leads, and seeing when your last activity with a specific individual was in our work. I would be more likely to use reports/dashboards with team activity views to see how your teams are talking to people. 


For our team, we are tracking on our dashboards

-Meetings (by type) per rep

-Emailed/calls per rep

-Leverage the activity feed to see a list of most recent actions. 


Really unless you are trying to look at a full list of contacts and who you are discussing items with I find these dashboards and reports to be more helpful. 

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Hi Kristin,


We assign leads to respective SDRs and at the end of the week, we pull report for each SDR. The items that we track are basically the activities/engagement with leads and also the stages moved in a sales pipeline. 


Basically, pulling reports from contacts doesn't highlight the peer to peer comparison for the SDRs.




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Thank you!