Contacts Lifecycle Stage automatically being moved to Subscriber.

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I have a Hubspot Zap that automatically moves contacts to “In progress” as a lead status based on a specific trigger / action. However, I have noticed Hubspot is also moving my contacts from "lead" to "subscriber" for lifecycle stage automatically which is causing issues. Anybody know how to fix - I don't seem to be able to change this property?

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@alexdask  Interesting that it would change and go to "Subscriber" from "Lead."  Have you tested this with the Zap to see if the Zap is causing the change directly?  If so, you may need to look at the Zap itself and see if it is changing more than one field.  HubSpot will only progress forward in Lifecycle progression and not backwards.  This can only be done manually or through workflow automation by being made blank first and then inserting the new stage.