Contact owner email is incorrect


I signed up for free CRM with a personal email address 'A'. I then amended the account email to a business address 'B'.


The contact owner email address for myself persists as A and will not update to B. I can see no way of updating this contact owner email to B via any settings.



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Hello there,


It seems like you had contact assigned to your user's email address A and when you changed A to B, the contact owner was still email address A.


Which step did you follow to update your email address? 

Here is the article that will walk you through the process:


I've tried it myself and I had to click on the confirmation email a first time, logging with my original credentials then go click on the confirmation email again to actually see the change. It automatically udpated the contact owner's email address too.


Let us know how it goes!






Adeline Hochet
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Hi @DBA,


Did you follow these steps to change your HubSpot user's email address? If yes, did you confirm your new email address in the process? (That email might have landed in the spam folder and is necessary to complete the change.)


If you followed these steps and are still seeing your old email address, I'd recommend logging out, cleaning cache/cookies and logging back in again.


Hope this helps!

Karsten Köhler
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