Contact funnel and reporting inconsistencies

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This is kindof a support/idea/bug question for fellow database users and Hubspot developers and it has to do with an inconsistency in the contact funnel reports.


Hubspot's funnel reports look at funnels in two ways:

  1. First, a simple snap shot of who's in what stage.
  2. Second, what contacts have progressed to each stage down the funnel.

The problem lies in Number 2. If a contact skips a stage (eg goes from "Lead" to "Sales Qualified Lead"), Hubspot does not date stamp the middle stage between them - MQL. By virtue of being a SQL, the contact did pass through the MQL status. So when building a funnel report, the data is thrown off because some contacts are missing funnel dates.


My question to the community is if there is a way I can backfill the data on those have skipped stages? Or am I stuck with having to building new properties that date stamp the stages independent of Hubspot's since it doesn't track a funnel properly?




TIA and I look forward to the conversation.

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Hi @spogue,


In my experience there isn't a way to date stamp a property that was never individually "set". I understand where you are coming from in terms of that if the contact is going past the lifecycle stage, then they (in theory) did go through it, but I don't think HubSpot as a software is built to accomodate that.


Not sure if that helps, but curious to see what others have to say here...

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@mikamae Thanks for the reply. I made custom dates for Deal Stages and it works pretty much how I want. For reporting however, it needs to be put in Excel or Google Sheets as Hubspot can't accomodate proper funnel reports.