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Contact and company organisation

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Hi there!


We have a question. Would be great if you could help us Smiley Happy


In the case that one company has many deals (i.e. different departments per institution), how can we organize the contacts to the companies without associating them to every deal?


Right now, the email exchange with 1 contact associated with deal 1 is also appearing in deal 2 because they’re all associated under one company. Is there any way do assure that this contact log will only appear in the deal 1 without removing the CONTACT association with the COMPANY?


Thank for your time!!


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Hi @Mikel I can certainly understand your frustration here. However, at this time its not possible to filter the timeline. Several have suggested this. Can you head over to this Ideas Forum post and add your feedback?  


Thank you, 


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My reply comes a year late, but thanks, Ed!