Contact: Stuck at Import Step 2 (!)

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I'm a newbie to Hubpot and couldn't find an answer to a basic question. When I get to step 2 of the import process and upload a prepared .csv file (Hubspot renamed it as "undefined.undefined") the "Next" button is greyed out/inactive. I don't see a way to advance to step 3. What am I missing? 



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If you could provide screenshots that would help a great deal. My gut reaction is that the CSV file isn't formatted correctly. I've only uploaded Excel files but it's the same concept. 


Here's a knowledge article about imports but it doesn't seem to list "undefined" as an error message.


This thread seems to suggest it could be a problem with the CSV format itself. 


Maybe try saving the data as an excel sheet instead of CSV then you can easily see if there are blank rows or missing col headers (both would cause problems)


Let me know how it goes.