Contact Count Shows 42k but All Deleted & No Records

Hey all!


I was setting up my HubSpot with existing leads and needed to start over because I was duplicating records instead of updating. I deleted all of them successfully and no Contacts show up in "Unassigned Contacts" or "All Contacts" but I see 42k records at the top and the page bar shows 11+ pages. When I reached out to online chat support, they looked at my account and said they see 0 records and 0 pages, so not sure why there is a discrepancy. I cleared my cache multiple times (before and after getting on with Chat Help) and same issue. Thoughts?


My hypothesis is that the records were deleted but here's some bug in the display.


Top Left Shows Count of 42k ContactsTop Left Shows Count of 42k Contacts

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Community Manager

Contact Count Shows 42k but All Deleted & No Records

Hi @richard-pm,


Thanks for reaching out!


Are you still facing this discrepancy in the number of contacts?

If so, are you able to reproduce this on another browser? Have you tried viewing this page in Incognito mode?


Thank you,


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