Consolidating Historical Data in an "Archive" Pipeline: How to Retain Original Data

Hello HubSpot Community,


I am in the process of streamlining my CRM by consolidating three redundant pipelines, each of which houses valuable historical data. My goal is to retain essential details like the original pipeline name and their deal stages, even as I migrate all deals into a singular "archive pipeline".


Here's my approach so far:

  1. I've introduced two new deal properties: "pipeline archive" and "deal stage archive".
  2. I set up a workflow to duplicate current deal details into these new "archive" properties.

However, I've hit a stumbling block:


  • When I set "pipeline archive" or "deal stage archive" as a drop-down, HubSpot seems to require me to list every single deal stage/pipeline present in the CRM – which is extensive.

  • Conversely, if I select "single text line", HubSpot populates it with the internal ID number, which isn't what I'm aiming for.


I'd be grateful for any advice: How can I best migrate deals into this new "archive" pipeline while retaining and displaying their original deal stage and pipeline names, without resorting to unwieldy dropdowns or non-descriptive ID numbers?


Thank you in advance for your insights!


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Consolidating Historical Data in an "Archive" Pipeline: How to Retain Original Data

Hello @MyriJen thank you for posting in our Community!

To make sure you would like to merge your deals? I want to share this knowledge base here with more details. To our top experts@Phil_Vallender @Mike_Eastwood 

@Josh any recommendations to @MyriJen ?


Thank you,


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