Connecting one FB ad account to 2 different Hubspot accounts




One of our clients have 2 Hubspot accounts - one in USD and another in ZAR.

Their ads are running in one FB account though.


Can one ad account be connected to 2 Hubspot accounts? Second part of that is - is it possible to select for which ads the leads should pull into Hubspot?

Any help would be very appreciated.



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Hi @KStrydom! It appears that all users with Marketing Hub Professional or Enterprise can connect multiple Facebook Ads and Google Ads accounts to HubSpot. Google Ads accounts must be connected by the same user. You should be able to connect an additional Google Ads account by navigating to your HubSpot Settings (gear icon) -> Marketing -> Ads, and then click 'Connect account' and follow the authorization steps.


I hope this was helpful. Please report back to let me know if it worked for you!