Connecting OfficeRND with HubSpot CRM

Hi Everyone


For anyone working in the coworking or flexible space sector looking to connect OfficeRND into HubSpot, you need to think about the following if you want to use the native integration:


1) You can only update contacts in HubSpot from OfficeRND *IF* they already exist in HubSpot. Which means customers with employees need to manually import data into HubSpot or build an API*

2) You can't pass custom fields from OfficeRND into HubSpot like product or membership status. 

3) Without knowing the membership status, you can't trigger accurate onboarding or renewal processes. 


I've written a blog about it here:


*this is what we do and are the only Solutions Partner in the UK offering bespoke two-way API integrations between HubSpot and OfficeRND.


Message me or reach out on the website if you need any help!


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Connecting OfficeRND with HubSpot CRM

Hi @L_Pickles,

Thank you for providing this option for users who are looking for this integration.


Best regards,


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