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Dear all, I think HS is a great tool, but till today I'm not able to link a deal with more company.

Lat's make an example:

in a deal like a new building construction I have a lot of company involved like deisgner, installer, maintenance company etc...

I can of course assign a specific contact from that company to that deal, but I would like to know and to see at a glance who is the maintenance company for that deal? is the company connected with other deals???

It would be great if we could add more company to a deal, and ideally classify them. So we'll have more degrees of interactions to be track.

Any idea?

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Hi @gabriello79,


We've come across a similar instance before. What we did in this case was to use custom deal properties for the subcontractors that were involved. Our primary associated company was who the job was being done for, essentially the ones that were footing the bill.


We then created a  deal property for various types of subcontractors:

  • Concrete
  • Electrical
  • GC
  • HVAC
  • Etc.

Essentially these were all dropdowns containing the list of approved subcontractors. It worked well because you could use filters to see what jobs a specific electrical contractor was lined up to do and so on, but the primary job that the deal was being done for was clear, making it easy to understand at a glance.


Let me know if you'd like to talk through this.



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Thanks Josh for the solution.

I already thought at this workaround, but still it is a dropdown where you have to select a subcontractor, it is not an interactvie connection like the contacts to the deal...but I will try to give it a chance, although haveing more company to be linked to a deal would be the best.