Connect CRM Deals with Marketing Campaigns

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Feature improvement / idea: Allow the Marketing Campaign field as an option for the list of properties available in a Deal.


By allowing the Campaign Name field as an allowed property on a Deal, reports could be created connecting marketing activity with Deals.



  1. Marketing hosts an event with a campaign name "2017 Industry Conference".
  2. Sales team identifies an opportunity and creates a new Deal
  3. For the Marketing Campaign property on the Deal, the user selects "2017 Industry Conference"
  4. Report is created by filtering Deals based on Campaign

This would allow true attribution for marketing campaigns, since Deal pipeline would then be connected directly with individual camapgins.

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Hey @JoelatOptio


Have you considered using a custom deal property and putting in your campaign names as options in the property? This would give you the functionality you are describing. 


Hope that helps!

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Thanks for the reply, @mikamae.


I had definitely considered that option, and it will be my fallback. The only downside with this solution is that my list of campaigns would need to be maintained separately from the built-in Campaign functionality on the Marketing side of the platform.


If you know of a what to auto-populate the new custom field with the list of Marketing Campaigns, I'm all ears!



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Joel, we are in the same boat and have to create a custom campaign field on the Deal record because HubSpot's campaign analytics only shows CLOSED deals and no data on Open Deals.  It's hard for us to explain to our partners who provide funding for campaigns any status on their campaigns if we can't get a report on the deals that are in progress. 


HubSpot - Please reconsider tieing your Deal, Contact, Company Tables together better we can get useful reporting out of this system.