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I have looked through the forum, I hope I am not duplicating.


You create a company xyz in Austin, Texas in the oil industry with a url of


Then -from this company record, you create contact John thewiser as the Head of Data Sanity at xyz.


John is now a contact but missing the company attributes. No company name, no industry, no website...just John nownonethewiser.


Is our setup erroneous, are we missing a step? How can I solve this to avoid double data entry?



Alex Christophe



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Hi @achristo 


Is there a link (there should be) between the Company and the Contact when you follow your process? I would use the same priocess you sued.


For better – or worse – HubSpot doesn't automagically copy the Company name, or any other details, between the Contact and Company.


You can automate it with a Workflow (requires HubSpot Pro).


But, be cautious – not all data is a simple copy. In some cases you may want a different name e.g. "Company Name – Branch Name" in the Contact.


Have fun