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Just laboured through the whole of our Companies data on the CRM package because a swathe of data has been unilaterally updated via Hubspot Company Insight. Though March it appears to have added disassociated Twitter Handles to a number of Company entries and thereby impacted the Company Logo, picked up from the web address(?)],  detail by replacing it with personal profile shots of the Twitter Handle owners [Worse case was an impact on a 20 division international customer where the Twitter Handle Thurdeye was added and all of the Contact details and Company header pages were populated with a guy in a t-shirt!].

Two questions -

1. Is there a simple way to reverse the intervention automatically rather than manually update all infected entries?

2. Is there a way of switching off any future possibility?

Tx in advance.


Example below where daniel_howden Twitter Handle added autonomously and attached to Howden Compressors Company Account?


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Hi @WartsiLes, welcome to the community. 

About a month ago, we did make some changes to our Company Insights Database that may have updated properties that were originally populated through this system, as opposed to being manually populated. Unfortunately, we don't have a process to reverse this. This is a standard feature and it is not possible to turn this feature off for your account. 


We strive to keep this information as accurate as possible, and when we do make changes it's with this goal in mind, but I do apologize for any inconvenience this particular update has caused your team. 

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For us, HubSpot Insights is damaging our data integrity. Is there really no way to disable it for a specific account?


And if the above, i.e. the automatic change of already populated data because of HubSpot Insights changes, happens again it will really mean that we have been spending hours updating our database for nothing.


Does HubSpot inform the users that such an update will be happening?

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Hi @nicolebrenner company enrichment has to become immediately a function that one can switch off. We have over 80% failor rate with german addresses. It costs us unnecessary money for solving wrong addresses.

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I've ran into instances where the Insights completely removes data I've manually loaded in. For example, I've seen phone numbers taken out and replaced with nothing. When I add new companies into the CRM, why would I not have the ability to keep MY data as is? If blank fields are populated with data Insights finds, OK. But please do not override data we put there purposely. At the least, give us the option of which fields to turn this feature on/off for.