Company Associated Contacts Blank, but Contacts are showing on the Company record page?


We have an issue with duplicate company records that don't have any Contacts associated in Hubspot and I want to flag them for deletion. Below is more detail on why they're in there... but I wanted to solve for this by creating a Company view for all Companies without "Associated Contacts", but when I select that as "0" it still shows every company in our database. But when I click on some of those Companies it clearly shows Contacts on the record. So for some reason, "Associated Contacts" don't seem to be recognized, whether or not there's Contacts on the Company.

What is happening?! Is there a better way for me to find these old ghost Companies to clean them out?

Why we have these "ghost Companies"...
We use Salesforce and Ringlead to clean up duplicates, and when those Contacts are merged on to the correct/winning Account in Salesforce, the old Company in Hubspot still sits there. 😞

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Hi  @k_intello 


Thank you for reaching out!


I understand that when you filter for '0' associated contacts in company filter, you still get companies with associated contacts there. 

Could you try to with the 'is unknown' filter as opposed to type the '0' option? 


Thank you! 
Have a lovely day,

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