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Is there a way to log/associate more than one email domain with an existing company so that any future emails with those domains are associated to that single company? Problem is, some companies use multiple email domains (e.g.,,,, and Hubspot therefore creates a different company for each unique email domain, even though these contacts all belong to the same company. This makes it difficult to track these contacts collectively, and I have to periodically dissociate contacts with the other two companies and reassociate them with the single company. Thanks!!!

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I did some digging on this, and currently, there is not a way to associate more than one email URL domain to an existing company record in HubSpot. The reaosn being is that company records in HubSpot exist and are unique by the email domain field, which helps the records all exist as their own entity. 


In this case, I would recommend create a custom company property, such as "alternative domain" that can help store the values for those other domains (.net, .org, etc.) so you are aware of the different domains associated with the parent company record. You can also refer to this new feature with parent/child company relationships in the CRM to help keep all the different company records together collectively on the parent record.



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I'm not exactly sure how this "secondary domain" functionality works, but if the HubSpot merge documentation is true, you may be able to "hack" the system by creating 3 different Companies with 3 different domains and then merging them into the one you want to survive (and thus keeps the 2 "secondary domains").


QUOTE: "When two companies with different domains are merged, the resulting company will keep track of both domains. One will be kept and displayed as the primary, the others will be kept as secondary domains.


If you have company auto-associate by domain turned on, and you add a new contact, HubSpot will associate the contact with a company using the following logic:

  • Check to see if there are any companies with that primary domain
  • Check to see if there are any companies with that secondary domain
  • Create a new company for that contact

HubSpot Merged Domain.PNG







Let us know if this works!


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Merging companies doesn't work when the Salesforce integration is enabled. Those with the Salesforce integration have no workaround which is extremely unfortunate.