Combination Report - Deals + Contacts by Sales Report



Is there a way to build a custom report that shows you all of the deals and contacts created by owner? 


I am trying to create a master Sales rep. report that shows their different activity types (which include either creating deals or creating new contacts for sales opportunities).


I am trying to create something like this:

OwnerNew DealsTotal Sales ActivitiesNew Contacts CreatedTotals
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Combination Report - Deals + Contacts by Sales Report

Hi @Mir_Mahmood 


I think it won't be possible to display such data, and here's why.

To create such a report using 3 data sources: Contacts, Deals, and Activities.

For the correct display, you should choose either Contact Owner, Activity Assigned to, or Deal Owner (for example, X-axis).  

For the Y-axis is fine to have the Number of activities, Number of Contacts, Number of Deals

So the data will not be shown, because there will be a mess. Though, if somehow we would have a User ID for all the objects, for X-axis, then it would be possible to check all the objects, I guess, but as I know, we don't have this option in HubSpot.



Anton Tverdokhlib,
HubSpot Expert | RevOps & CRM & Automation Consultant

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Combination Report - Deals + Contacts by Sales Report

Hello @Mir_Mahmood, Happy Monday!


Thank you for posting in our Community! 


Currently, I would recommend that you create a custom report based on deals and use the deal owner as a filter.


When creating a report in the custom report builder, you’ll need to decide which data sources to select, how to configure your report fields, and how to configure your chart settings.


To our top experts @StefaniUAT@christopher-RVO @Phil_Vallender any recommendations to @Mir_Mahmood?


Thank you,


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