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Question for the community. Is closed deal meant only for deals after a certain stage in the pipeline i.e. proposal or should it be used earlier as well i.e. Qualification? Assuming the later what is the best practice for removing the deal from the pipeline i.e. closed with a reason?

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Hi @Chogg

Each use case will be different, but I can provide you with some advice based on how I use the deals. 


I have 2 close stages for each pipeline: Closed-won: (sale is made) and Close-lost (they decided to no longer purchase our merchandise). The closed deals should always be at the end of the pipeline. You have the option of creating required stages and closing when the last step/stage has been completed or moving deals through different pipelines. 


We personally use 4 pipelines, one for each team in the buying process. We close each deal out at the end of each pipeline and it triggers a new deal in the next pipeline. I require a declined reason, which you can make required upon closing the deal. 


I would suggest close-won and close-lost deals and multiple pipelines if the responsibility is shifting from teams/people.  Let me know if I can answer any specific questions for you!

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Hi @Chogg, what are you exactly referring to?


The (standard-) deal stage "Closed won" or the property "Close date"/"Closed won reason"?


And why do you want to remove a deal from the pipeline? To get accurate reports you actually should leave them in the pipeline also after closing them.

Basically, HubSpot should follow your sales process and not vice verca Smiley Happy