Close Date Defaulting to 1969 on Preview

In the list view of the 'Deals' section in Hubspot, when we click on the 'preview' link, the "close date" at the top located under the Deal Name always defaults to populate it at 12/31/1969. This happens when we choose to clear the 'close date' field. 
Is it not possible to for this to show a blank? There are many times that we want this to be blank because we are still bidding and don't have a close date. Please see attached screen grab.
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HubSpot Employee

Hi @truong The default close date of 1969 only shows in the preview. In the Deals Board  and Grid view the field remains blank. HubSpot recomends that you populate that field so that you can get acurate reporting data (even if you set it far in the future). At this time, there is not a way to eliminate the1969 date in the preview. 


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Ed Justen

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