Clicking on Task takes you to Company info not Deal Info


This has been crazy for a short while now.   When a staff member has a task, they click on the deal it's related to.  However, instead of taking them to the deal it will take them to the company and they have to search the deal.  Is there an option that we can change that allows them to go to the deal instead of the company when a task is being clicked on?

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Hi there : )


Could you tell me how the task is created ?


I made a manual test on my own portal for this behaviour.

If I create a task manually, and I link it to a company and a deal, when I select the task, it will default to the company record.

However, if I link the task to the deal only, when I select the task it brings me to the deal.


So I guess the solution here would be to link the taks to the deal only. But it also depends on the way the task is created.

attach deal task.PNG