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Hi everyone -


I have a user who was cutting and pasting HubSpot marketing emails in Outlook, resulting in the adding of multiple erroneous connections via the tracking devices embedded in the emails. He now has several hundred contacts that are showing 'erroneous' emails in the tracker (erreneous in quotes because HubSpot is working as designed, just he shouldn't have cut and pasted in Outlook), with as many as 64 spurious connections.


I took a preliminary look at how to clean this up. Can be done by hand, obviously, but meh.


I did a search on contact attributes, but there doesn't seem to be one for 'associated contact', just for company. 


My workflow idea would be, for each contact that the user owns, to reduce the connections to be only between the user, the contact, the company and the deal (1:1 contacts only is fine for him). I just can't seem to find the leverage point to get this started, which would be the number of associated contacts (like the associated company property). 


Anyone out there face a similar quandry? I've asked the user not to cut and paste this way and hopefully it can be avoided going forward, but it's a mess. 


Best, John

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Hello @JOpie, thank you for posting details about it, I will add some top experts to help this matter. @Josh @webdew @Bryantworks any recommendations to @JOpie ?


Thank you,



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