Changing deals property from multiple to single select: implications for existing records




I would like to change the 'Industry' property for Deals from Multiple Select to Single Select and also make it a required field. How will this impact older deals?


  • Deals that now have multiple values for this property?

Will this information be kept or will it change to only one value, and if so, which current value will be kept as the single value?


  • Deals that might not have any values for this property? 

There might be older records where this property has not been filled in. Seeing as i want to make the field obligatory, will i be asked to add values when consulting these older records?


Thanks in advance!


Best regards


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Community Manager

Hi @BasNor,


For a detailed explanation of what will happen when you edit the property, I wanted to share this resource.


Specifically I wanted to highlight the note: Changing an existing property to a different field type may make values currently stored in the property invalid. It is recommended that you export all information prior to editing the property.


Thank you,

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