Changes in error messages

Hi Everyone,

We have a private app and with the CRM api we have integrated to our application long ago,
Recently we have observed that the error messages that are comming from hubspot API are modified and due to that we are getting issues in prodcsince we are using regex to match the response.

Example: When we try to create a contact with existing email, Earlier hubspot returns error like "Contact already exists ...existing id:<id>"
Now we are getting "A Contact with email '<email>' already exists. Existing ID:<id> "
We also observe the same type of issue with products aswell.

But I didnt see any recent release notes related to change in validation messages,
Can someone help me with all the modified validation/error messgaes so that I can update our app to use the latest messages.

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Changes in error messages

Hi SaiManikanta,


Unfortunately it doesn't appear that there is a global list of API messages for this. There's another thread from 2018 about this, and it seems to still be accurate.


You may be able to find them in the API documentation on a case by case basis by going into the documentation and checking the error message under Response:



However, many of these are listed as:

"message": "Invalid input (details will vary based on the error)"

If you have the time to do so, you could create a separate Private App and send calls that will produce an error message based on the error messages you are already tracking. Because it's a separate app, it shouldn't affect your API call limit in your primary Private App. Certainly not an ideal solution, but given the existing limitations, it may be the most straightforward way to do this.