Change the behavior of the "Log in CRM" feature

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Hi, I would like to change the behavior of the "Log in CRM" feature in email, in my case google apps for business email from the Chrome browser. 


When I check the box it adds the email to CRM as it should. I would like a setting that automatically unchecks the box after the email is added to the CRM because sometimes I forget to un-check it and emails are added that I do not want in the CRM. So I have to create a new email, then uncheck the box, then delete the email!  Then I need to go into the CRM and delete the contacts or emails I do not want there. 


I would be very happy if I could set the behavior so new emails are not added unless I specifically set it to.  

- Dave O. 

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Bogus eh? Head over to this existing idea and kudo it - the more Kudos, the more of a priority it is for their development team.