Cannot Send Email or Create Tasks from within HubSpot CRM

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HubSpot has worked fine for me with no issues for over a year but all of a sudden I cannot send email or create tasks from within the HubSpot CRM. When trying to send an email I get a message that says "an error occured while trying to send this email please try again." When trying to create a task I get a message that says "error saving task." I have no issues sending en email from my gmail account and I have the Log and Track boxes checked but the email is not recorded in the CRM. Any ideas on what could be going wrong?

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Hi @JoshPearson,


Are you still experiencing this issue? A user experienced something similar, as mentioned in this thread, in which the user needed to reconnect their inbox in order to begin sending email successfully. 


For the tasks issue, is this occuring when creating tasks from the contact record, from the task screen, or both? 


The more detail, screenshots, and specifics you can send along, the better the Community can assist you with this matter!



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