Cannot Connect Gmail Account to HubSpot


I have a similar problem.


I am stuck in a loop. I can't get any Hubspot services to work. Eg. if I click to schedule an email then I get stuck in a loop.


I click schedule email and it says that Hubspot cannot connect to my inbox, I click it again and it takes me to a page asking for Hubspot to be granted permissions to access everything in my mailbox. I grant this access and it then takes me to a page to log in to my Hubspot account. I log in and it then says that it "Hubspot is connecting to your inbox. This will only take a moment". It then loads a login page where I am again asked to login. I log in and it takes me back to the "Hubspot is connecting to your inbox." screen again before looping me back to a login screen again.


I have tried this on Safari, Chrome and Firefox with the same results and on my home Macbook Pro ad my work Macbook pro.


I then tried to submit a support ticket. I filled out all of this information, clicked "Submit Ticket " and nothing happened. I tried again and again but it wouldnt submit. I tried removing my attachments but still wouldnt submit. I tried submiting it in Firefox and Chrome too. Nothing worked so I came onto the community page. If this doesnt send then I will completely give up using Hubspot.

This has not given me faith that Hubspot is a service that I should pay for



Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 17.33.09.pngScreen Shot 2017-04-14 at 17.53.17.pngScreen Shot 2017-04-14 at 17.33.39.png


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Community Manager

Hey @lgmrecords


Have you seen this post, which deals with a similar issue in regards to your Gmail connection not holding:


I would recommend starting by following the steps outlined in that article. If that does not resolve your issue, if you can send screenshots or video of what you are experiencing (in regards to the looping effect of you being logged out), that would be helpful. 


Thank you,