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Many times we enter a new contact, it is after the first time they contacted us. We would like to have accurate records of when they called us first. I can put that in the timeline, and the date is there, but there seems to be no property that shows something like "First Contact Date."


I would like to have a list showing a column for the contact name and a column for when they first contacted us. The created date (which is the same as "became a lead date") is not always the same.

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Is it possible to add a default contact field to display the date of th 1st sales activity on the contact? It would be a ver y interesting one to use in reports, so that we can follow up how long do the sales people take from contact assignation until the 1st time they contact them! Any way to get this sorted?


We'd also like to track date of first contact, across a wide swath of contact records.

Creating a custom field does work, but it relies on the Sales Rep accurately filling that data manually.

Knowing the average turnaround time between when the contact is created and when the rep contacts them is vital to understanding effective execution of our sales process.

HubSpot, any chance you could create a hard-wired contact field that would automatically record the first time and date that a lead is contacted?

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We have a need that is related to this:


We would likt to be able to create a report that shows the number of 1st calls to a given contact during a given period.


Basically joining contact data with engagement data.

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Hi @kazooless, thanks for your post. First Contact Date isn't one of our default contact properties, we won't be able to automatically populate that information. What you could do is create a custom contact property, but this will need to be updated manually. Is there any process you currently use to track when you're first reaching out to contacts? 


When I sort contacts or filter for contacts based on last activity date, why do some of the dates not register? When listing contacts, the Last Activity Date does not show on the column, I can look at the record and see the activity...

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Hi @aronningen,


Are you still experiencing this issue? If so, can you please send along examples? 


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