Can't identify where this new contact with original source as Offline Sources coming from


Hello, our marketing team have issue (it's been a while) where new contact created with property Original Source as Offline Sources, original source drill-down 1 as API, some of them we can indentified from our custom property but some we don't know where they coming from

Any idea how I can solve or at least tracing this issue, and we use websites to handle forms (different subdomain) before user end up on our main website

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Hi @shideichis 


Thank you for reaching out. 


If you look at the Original Source Drill-Down 1 and Original Source Drill-Down 2 properties in a contact, you should be able to determine how they were created.


I also want to share this post from a HubSpot colleague that coulp help here on how this works with our different APIs


Hope that helps.
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Hi @shideichis,


If you are creating contacts with the v3 CRM Contacts API or v1 Contacts API, then the value of Original Source will be "Offline Sources" for new contacts, please refer to this article for more explanation.


If you want you can change the Original Source (hs_analytics_source) property value manually or via API, the only way to assign a value based on a contact's web activity is to associate the visitor's hubspotutk cookie with a contact record. So as to say, you have to link the HubSpot script on the browser to get the user's activity details.

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