Can I segment my contact list for different leadsources?


Hi, I hope you're all doing well!


I'm jus starting out with Hubstop and CRM in general and I'm trying to figure everything out with the forum, video's and articles.


Unfortunately I'm not able to find a solutions for the following think I would like:


My business has different sources of leads; Let's say leads from Linkedin and leads that are manually created via network events.


I would like to have two list; one for the leads generated on Linkedin and one for the leads generated on networking events.


Is this possible?


Thx in advance.

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So it appears this isn't an actual hubspot service site...hahah Because i submitted a concern similar to this. 


I'm looking to have several different lead sections where they're layed out as just the source...then you click that source and it opens all the leads connected to that one seems there's no solution yet....


Let me know if you find out anything, though!


Jep, they only help subscribed users.


but I'm definitely not going to subscribe if I'm not even sure if it has the options I'm looking for.


Then I've to take other CRM's in consideration.

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You can definitely break your contact list out by leadsource. There are a few questions and assumptions, though, so bear with me.

HubSpot has a field called “Original Source” that details where a contact originally comes from. Unfortunately, this is a non-editable field. The contacts from the live networking events will automatically be listed as “Offline Source.”

If the contact from LinkedIn is coming directly from LinkedIn, then their original source will be listed in HubSpot as “Social Media;” if you are manually importing the LinkedIn contacts, then they, too will be listed as an “Offline Source” just like the contacts from the networking event.

In either case, you may want to drill down by creating a custom contact property called something like “Lead Source Detail.” Then you can manually enter LinkedIn as the Lead Source Detail. To create a custom contact property:

  • Click into the contact in question.
  • Select “View All Properties”
  • In the upper right side of the screen, select “Create a Contact Property”
  • Then, fill out the form as necessary, or upload a list in bulk. The Label can simply be “Lead Source Detail.” The Description is optional, but can just spell out what the field is for. The Group would likely be “Contact Information,” but choose whatever makes sense for your needs. Field Type should probably be “Single-line text”
  • Toggle off the option “Show in forms” since you would not likely want this to appear in forms.
  • Finalize the Property creation. Then go back to “View All Categories,” search for “Lead Source Detail,” and click “Add to About” so that it appears. You can now go in and manually type the source for the relevant contacts (in this case, “LinkedIn” for those contacts from LinkedIn, and “Networking Event” for those contacts from live events).

You then need to sort the contacts so that you can find the relevant contacts.

If you are on the Sales side of the software, you’d most likely simply click Contacts -> All Contacts, and then “Add Filter.” Search for “Lead Source Detail,” and select it. In the “Contains” field, type “LinkedIn,” and HubSpot will automatically pull any contact that you manually entered this for. To make it easy to find this data when you need it in the future, save it as a view.

If you are on the Marketing side of the software, you’d probably want to create a list instead. To do this, click on Contacts -> Lists, and then click on “New List” on the upper right section of the screen. Name the list. Then, click on the button that is in the top row of the list (it has 4 black bars in it) to edit the columns. Search for “Lead Source Detail,” select it, and press Continue for it to be added to the list as a column. You can now sort by Lead Source Detail by clicking on it in the header row.


Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation Tms0003!


I did all the steps succesfully, but I wasn't able to find the option as where to add the leadsources:


You can now go in and manually type the source for the relevant contacts (in this case, “LinkedIn” for those contacts from LinkedIn, and “Networking Event” for those contacts from live events).

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Hi Georgejunior,


Glad everything else worked! I guess I should have been a bit more detailed in the end ha.


To enter the lead source manually, you'll have to:

  • Click into a contact
  • In the "About [CONTACT NAME]" section, go down to the bottom of the box and select "View All Properties"
  • On the next screen, search for "lead source detail"
  • When the option appears, hover over it. A button should appear to the right that says "Add to About." Click on that button. The field will then appear in the list of details on the left of the screen. If you want, you can rearrange it by dragging and dropping it in place, or you can just leave it at the bottom of the form.
  • Go back to the contact record. Find the "Lead Source Detail" field where you placed it in the About Section. Now you should be able to type in whatever source the contact came from.

Does that help? I think I'll post a link to a video to guide you through this later on this afternoon, but hopefully this is enough to  get you where you need to go!