Can I filter contacts based on a company data field?

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We have just started using Hubspot CRM and love it so far, and our setup is mainly based around schools, so we have imported the schools as a company and one of the custom company fields we have created is "MIS System" as a dropdown option. And we have now imported all our contacts as well and the associations are fine. 


However, I now want to email (via Mailchimp) all the contacts we have where their company has a certain value in the MIS System field in the company record. But I can't see how I can do this ? 


Any ideas anyone? 


Cheers Paul. 

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Hi @msodotnet, I'm glad that you are enjoying the CRM so far!


At this time, it isn't actually possible to filter contacts based on their associated companies' property values - you can sort contact by a specific associated company, but it is not possible to filter more granularly. 


However, I have definitely seen this request come up for other customers before. 

I actually did find an idea on our ideas forum corresponding to this query. I would definitely encourage you to upvote/comment on the idea, as it is a great way for customers to give some concrete feedback to the product team in order to improve the software.


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Hi there,


We are also desperately trying to find a way of filtering contacts based on the fields in a contact's associated company.


I tried clicking on the ideas link below, but it didnt take me anywhere? Can someone help me please?





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I'm having the same issue with trying to filter contacts through company properties, and also found that the above link did not work. 


Thank you in advance for the help!

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I believe this is the link referenced earlier.


Essentially, if you have Marketing Hub (Basic or better), you can create a contact list based off of company information.


Obviously, this is not as handy as being able to filter directly within the CRM, but hopefully this will be of help to some of you guys.