Call feature not working for clients in Hungary


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We have got our first HubSpot Enterprise client in Hungary with a few Sales Pro subscriptions. The Client is quite a bit frustrated about the Call feature not being available for them. Please note that all of our neighboring countries have this feature, but Hungary doesn't. We need to resolve this ASAP. Can you please provide a time estimate for when this feature can be expected?


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HubSpot Product Team

Hey @tmotajcsek, thanks for the question!

Hungary is currently not supported by HubSpot's Sales Tools, but you can search, vote for or post this as a feature request on our ideas forum here:

Here's a full list of supported countries: What Countries are Supported for Calling with HubSpot Sales?


Note: it is possible to set up a Skype account from your country with a phone number from one of the supported countries below, which would enable you to call from that number using HubSpot Sales Calling.