Calculated Property gives wrong value for some deals

I have created a calculated property with a custom equation. For all but 9 deals the calculated value is correct. However, for no explicable reason, for the other 9 the value is completely off.

I have tried refreshing several times, to no avail. I then tried to change the calculation itself to see wether that would do something. Indeed, the numbers changed, but I got the wrong result for these same deals. I checked all relevant input variables, which were perfectly fine.

The calculation is basically the following:
(Amount - OtherAmount)*Deal Probability*X

What is the best way to troubleshoot this and understand where I got it wrong ? Or could it be that Hubspot simply does not like calculated properties and gets them wrong ?

Thanks for the help ! 🙂

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Calculated Property gives wrong value for some deals

You've probably checked this, but if any of the properties have 'unknown', they don't default to zero (as you'd maybe expect them to), and so the calculation can fall over.

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Calculated Property gives wrong value for some deals

Hi @CEngel,


If you're 100% sure that the calculation is wrong, I'd reach out to HubSpot support via the in-app chat and flag this as a bug 🙂


Best regards!

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