CRM filter: OR operator between properties

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I am looking for a way to add an OR operator between filter properties, say: City = New York OR State = New Jersey. Is that possible?


It's possible within the same property: 


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Hey @b2cuser,

Thanks for the question!

It is not currently possible to sort by an "or" filter across multiple properties in the CRM filter area. If this is a functionality you would like to see in the CRM in the future, you can search, vote for or post this as a feature request on our ideas forum here:


Thank you,


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I've been wanting the OR for a long time.  

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Me too.  Another user just requested this as well as a favorites type of button.  Its something I requeste probably close to 2 years ago.

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Me too! I think a couple people have suggested it now. I'm trying to find all these suggestions and vote them up! 

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We absolutely need to have this type of filter options. Thanks.

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Can we get an update on if and when we might be able to expect this to be implemented? This seems to be an absolute standard feature in my opinion and I was very surprised when I realized earlier todaz that this is not possible. Thanks!

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This is very necessary for the reporting we are doing, and seems like it should be a standard. Is there a potential workaround in the meantime other than running multiple reports?