CRM UI Creation

I am seeing contacts coming into the CRM through other employees and there's no clear cut description of how they are entering. 


The contact properties say "This contact was created from Offline Sources from CRM UI". Record Source: "CRM UI". Latest Source: "Offline Sources". does not say that the contact visited a webpage by any means. 


Can anyone explain CRM UI and how this is coming from an offline source? 

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CRM UI Creation

Hey @06891 

this usually means that users have connect their personal email account (gmail or outlook extension)

and is creating emails from there.

For more info check out the property "Original Source Drill-down 2"

there you can see more info.

Hope this helps


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CRM UI Creation

Hi @06891 


CRM UI means CRM user interface and offline source is a broad categorisation that captures a number of source which are NOT online, things like IMPORT, Integration, etc.


This article explains the various sources in a bit more detail.


I hope that helps.



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