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Hi everyone,


My name is Rosey Mongeau and I am a Team Mentor on the HubSpot Support team. I currently work in HubSpot’s Headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts and have been part of the team for over a year and a half. As a Team Mentor, I help our newer Support reps get comfortable with the tool, starting with the basics. One of the first steps that I like to focus on is how to help customers take control of their portal and customize it to meet a company’s needs.


This seems obvious to say, but every company is different,which means they all have different needs. A school needs different information about their contacts than a lawyer’s office. Similarly, a tech start-up wouldn’t be keeping track of the same data as a restaurant.


Some of these businesses are B2B while others are B2C and it’s important to know that HubSpot can cater to those needs if you know how to utilize these customizable features:


For these examples, let’s pretend for a moment that I run an Ice Cream Stand, like the one in my hometown. In this case, I would work with both contacts (people coming to buy ice cream) as well as companies (businesses I might advertise with or get my supplies from). Because the ice cream industry is a specialized market, I need specific information about these contacts and companies that is outside of the standard properties HubSpot creates. For a list of HubSpot’s default contact properties check out this article. For a list of HubSpot’s default company properties check out this article.  


For detailed instructions on how to create custom contact and company properties, check out this user guide.


Custom Contact Properties:

In this hypothetical, I created a contact property called “Favorite Ice Cream Flavor” which allows me to keep track of what flavors my contacts like and want to order so I know how much to keep in stock. In this case, I made the property a multi-checkbox field. This will allow contacts to have more than one favorite flavor.


Favorite Ice Cream Flavor.png


Custom Company Properties:

As an ice cream stand owner, I work with a variety of businesses, including my ice cream provider, my cone provider, as well as the local newspapers and media outlets that I advertise with. Because I work with a variety of industries I want to break down the companies by company type. This will allow me to sort my company records and create views based on the type of company/business I need to work with at the time:

Business Type.png

Custom Views:

Custom views allow you to create either temporary or permanent views of specific levels of information. When doing my ice cream ordering for the season, it’s good to know how many of my known customers will be ordering vanilla ice cream. You can see a sample view I could create to see how many contacts regularly order the standard chocolate and vanilla. Below you can see a GIF of how to edit the filter of a view as well as a screenshot of the final view:

Customized Contact View - Ice Cream Flavor.gif

Customized Contact View - Ice Cream Flavor.png

Similarly, I can create a view of companies that would only show me the businesses that I’m looking to work on at any specific time. Below you can see a GIF of how to edit the filter of a view as well as a screenshot of the final view:


Customized Company View - Business Type.gif

Customized Company View - Business Type.png

What properties or views have helped you take your business to the next level?

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Thank you @RoseyMongeau for such a great breakdown. This seems so simple but is actually something that I hadn't thought about until a few months into using HubSpot, and I wish I had considered this customization earlier. Great example of how powerful HubSpot can be if you know how to use it. 


P.S. Mint Chocolate Chip all the way! 🙂