CRM: Importing Multiple Checkboxes field Options with Contact import

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Hi. I have a "Multiple Checkbox" field setup in my HS CRM for Music Genre. A the moment it only has a few Options (Pop, Dance, Indie, Acoustic).


I am about to do an Excel import of around 400 Contact records. Those Contact records are full of new Genres in the sheets Genre column, which will need adding to the HS Checkboxes Options.


An example of a spreadsheet row would be:


Name   | Genre

Band x | Chillout; New Jazz; Hiphop; Techno; Deep House


I have tried importing the sheet but non of the new genres will import also.


Is there any way of importing the new genre options to the HS Checkbox Options during the Contact import?


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I am having a similar issue. I've set up a custom property with Multiple Checkboxes for "Keywords" from our previous database. How do we import multiple data, i.e. selecting multiple checkboxes, at once? 





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Hi Ausdance. Haven't had a reply on this yet. The HS community doesn't seem particularly active. Hubspot, if you are reading; do you have dedicated engineers that activly review the forums & provide answers? This would be a great help!
It terms of a work around, you can actually copy and paste your Multiple Checkbox Options list in one action, from your spreadsheet (once the comma separated list is prepared) directly onto the fields Settings screen. I have created a video to show the process;
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Hi Josh,


Thanks very much but I had managed to do that part already, just the way you demonstrated. The issue for us is when I try to import the actual data to our contacts.


E.g. So Jane Doe has the following keywords against her name (DS means Dance School):


DS-Ballet DS-Contemporary against her name.




When I import this tab-delimited data under the column heading "Keywords" into my new Keywords property, only DS-Ballet will check. There seems to be no way to check ALL these Keywords against her contact under the Keywords property, via import. Currently I have a marketing volunteer doing it all manually, poor thing!






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Great, thanks very much! Sorry I couldn't find that myself.



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Thanks @deepalp. For anyone reading along, here's the solution.


In your spreadsheet, you need to use semi-colons ( ; ) instead of commas ( , ). This is the separating value.


Referenced article:

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Hi Josh, its takes a quick bit of excel to make all your values import and append to any values for those contacts / companies already present in your multiple checkboxes:

If your values are already in one field lined up as you describe like this, then great:

Chillout; New Jazz; Hiphop; Techno; Deep House

all you need is an additional semicolon before the first value to append the new values to any of the existing, like this:

;Chillout; New Jazz; Hiphop; Techno; Deep House

You can do this easily in excel with this formula:

=";"&A2 - then copy-pasting this formula down for the whole column

Or, if the values aere in multiple cells, doing it this way:

=";"&A2&";"&B2&";"&C2&";"&D2 etc etc 

See the HubSpot guidance on it here:

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Don't forget once your new cell has the correct value, via the formula provided above,  you need to use excel to remove the formula and just have the values (copy the column and "paste as values").