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I have been using Maximizer and Access to monitor my leads and contacts for several years. I decided I should use an integrated approach and to that end I am testing hubspot. I want to start off with the most efficient structure. In maximizer you had three basic entities: companies, contacts and individuals. We generate leads(individuals) for brokers (companies) and deal with contacts within the company (contacts) in addition we deal with suppliers both individuals and companies. I need to be able to easily communicate and monitor the leads I generate and how my brokers are processing them. My agent at hubspot suggested the lead be setup as a deal as they are income bearing. What are your thoughts? Any imput is appreciated. Thanks.
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Great Question - The best practice here would be to mark them in the Lifecycle Stage as to where they are at in becoming a prospect, lead, and customer.  You could also delineate using your own custom field to filter them further. ie "Contact Type - Broker, Lead, Customer, etc."


Also, I create deals as soon as I realize an opportunity exists, and the prospect has raised their hand to find out more. This may be different from your situation.  If you wish to clarify further I may be able to add more insights.