Bulk update associated contact records from Tasks list

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When I have a big pile of identical tasks for various contacts, such as "Throw in remarketing bucket", it would be awesome to do all those tasks in bulk instead of having to go into each record one by one to make the same change.


Currently, all the bulk actions you can take apply to the task, not the associated contact record. So it's tedious when you're making the exact same edit to every contact.


Alternatively, if there were a contact filter that could quickly pull up contacts with a specific type of task due (according to a text string), that would work too.

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Hi @jfran99,


Thanks for reaching out.

I'd like to encourage you to share your idea on our ideas forum.  

It's a forum which is made for users to submit new ideas. The community can vote and comment and HubSpot evaluates the ideas and takes them into consideration for new product updates.


In the meantime, activity filters might already help you out (see this article).


I hope this helps.

Take care!


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