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Hello! Is there a way to BULK EDIT multiple contacts and the ASSOCIATED COMPANY?  As of now the only way I can do this is one-by-one, which is a very slow process.  Would be great if we had the ability to select multiple contacts who are missing their ASSOCIATED COMPANY and make that connection!  Any help or feedback here would be much appreciated!  ThanksSmiley Wink

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Hi, @Jimvjr. Take a look at this help article, which outlines how you can accomplish this. There's a feature you can enable in HubSpot which will match contacts to companies, based on the Company Domain Name property on the domain, and the domain part of the contact's email address matching.


As this automatic association is something that will start firing as soon as you enable it, you may want to review and update your contact data first, before enabling.

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Hello and thanks for your reply!

I am aware of this option as you suggest, however, this will not be a good solution for the following reason.... when you have this option selected, yes it does work well for individuals who have "COMPANY TYPE EMAIL ADDRESSES" (ie. - johnsmith@abcsupply.com), but for anyone else in that same company who does not have a COMPANY email address (and many do not!) it will begin creating COMPANY NAMES based on the ending of the email address (ie. - samsmith@windstream.com) - Sam uses his personal email address and works for ABC Supply, but Hubspot then creates a company called WINDSTREAM based on the email address!  Trust me, I have personally gone into my CRM and have had to edit literally hundreds of records to try and fix this issue.


What Hubspot should allow Admins the ability to do is to BULK EDIT the ASSOCIATED COMPANIES via multi-selecting PEOPLE and making the necessary edits on the fly.  This would solve a lot of time wasted.  Thoughts?



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We can talk about that, but it's not likely to accomplish much. Any ideas should go to the ideas forum. That's not a satisfying solution, but that's the place where product management is looking for feedback, not in the sales or marketing forums. It's as frustrating a Hobson's choice as any other, but here we are. If you create an idea for this, link me and I'll vote for it.


With the company email address feature, it becomes an all-or-nothing feature. If the desire is to have some contacts company-free, those won't work well with the setting, for the undesirable company create behavior you described. 


This isn't a great solution, but you could occasionally toggle this setting to get the results you wanted. You could export companies and contacts you want to edit (make sure to export the record IDs when you do), toggle the setting on, reimport the updates to companies and contacts via .csv, then toggle the setting off. That isn't terribly scalable, but it would work if you infrequently had sizable edits to make. 



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Ok.  Frustrating indeed!


Where is the "IDEAS FORUM" so I can suggest it please?


ThanksSmiley Happy

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You can find them with this link, or by clicking the Ideas card from the main community page.