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Biggest Challenges in Data Hygiene / Worst Case Scenario

Hey everyone,


We are running a HUG event all about database hygiene and organizing your portal and I wanted to get some feedback and thoughts on a few things.


1. What is your biggest challenge in keeping your data accurate and organized?

2. What are tips or tricks you use to keep your data accurate and organized?

3. What are some nightmare stories or work case scenarios with messy data or portals? (example: accidentally enrolled 50k contacts in a workflow you didn't know existed.)


If you are curious about the event, it's on December 14th at 12pm PST and you can register here





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Biggest Challenges in Data Hygiene / Worst Case Scenario

My biggest challenge currently is that HubSpot sales pipeline reports (velocity, conversion, etc) only work if the pipeline stages are started from the beginning stage, progress perfectly sequentially, and stages can't be skipped.  HubSpot doesn't have any way to correct or update pipeline stage errors, nor is there a way to require a sequence to be followed.  The result is hundreds of deals with no way to report on them accurately and no apparent plans to enable this.  Sorry for venting.