Better Date criteria for creating filters (Sales & Marketing)

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So - on the marketing side - we have lists. The lists have beautiful criteria for dates when building a list (for example - any who's date is before 90 days ago - or 180 days ago or between. There are lots of options).


Since the lists aren't accessible on the sales side of the CRM - I'd like help our sales guys to create filters.


For example - one of our sales people asked for my help building her a way to see contacts that have not been contacted for 90 days (this is a field that I have synced from Sugar CRM).


But the options for date criteria under the filters are much less robust than in lists.


My only options are:
Is - pick date

Is Equal to - pick date

Is before - pick date

Is after - pick date

Is between - 2 dates

Is known

Is unknown


Wheras - if I'm building something in lists I have these options:

Is equal to
Is before

Is After

Is before property

is after property

is between

is not between

is more than 

is less than

is known

is unknown


Any thoughts?

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Hi @mpike As it turns out, the list rendering engine is a bit more robust due to engineering requirements. The CRM does not (yet) have the capability to add rolling dates due to the way it processes filter data. 


There is an active post in the ideas forum located here. Can you add your feedback and include some context as to why adding this feature would be a win for you? Our engineers takes the comments into consideration when looking in to features to add. 


Thank you,

Ed Justen 

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