Best way to use Hub spot for cold calls?

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Hi everyone, I'm just starting using HubSpot CRM, and I'm a little bit confused.


What I do know is I prospect companies online and If I think that they are a good fit ( I can work with them) I go to hub spot- companies and I add that company.


This way, I or my team can cold call, or cold email them and find out whether they want to work with us or not.


The problem is, that If I mark that I called them, nothing really changes and I'm still gonna see them in my companies file with no change. This is bad because I have to click on the company in order to find out if they have been contacted or not.

I don't want to delete them, because I might add them again y accident in a couple of weeks and thus wasting time with someone who is not a good fit.


I could add them as a deal and then created different sections


the problem is the same, however, if I ad more companies the next day to my company list, I'm not gonna know which one has been contacted, or in this scenario, added to the deal list.


Thank you for your help

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Hi @MichaelRMR,


I would recommend creating deals for each company if you are looking to build a relationship with them. You can then move the deal to a different stage to reflect whether the call went well, whether they are interested, or whether you want to reach back out in the future. 


The company record is meant to reflect all of the information for the company itself, while the deal will be the transaction side of the relationship. 


@mark_vande_haar@IanGuiver do you have any suggestions for @MichaelRMR?



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Yeah deals are the best way to view the information. If Husbpot had the functionality to build smart lists for companies you could use the "call and meeting types" to track and log activities against a company. (you can still do that but you'll have a hard time tracking what you've done)


To mimic calls and meeting types you could create a custom company property like "Prospecting outcomes"  and create the options you need to track NEED TO CALL/ NOT A GOOD FIT / ECT /. 


You'll work out of the company view as far as tracking this information but you can create "filters" to sort your "prospecting outcome" options above giving you a list view of the companies in each filter.  Once you get a contact matched to a company everything will start to fall into place better with tracking and deals.