Best phone number validation options in HubSpot

Hi All, first post!


I'm looking for the best phone numbers validation/verification solution to hook into HubSpot. I want soemthign can can confirm the numbers are correct and valid as i want to avoid as much wsted time as possible when teams are outbound calling. 


Ideally i'd want this to work globally, but essential it's effective for Us/Canada and main european countries


Appreciate any help on this!



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Best phone number validation options in HubSpot

HI @Bibsbsy ,


At this time there is no native phone validation in HubSpot. It looks like this has already been submitted as an idea, and I'd suggest you give it an upvote/comment as that helps prioritize ideas for HubSpot developers.


According to these other posts in the community, you may be able to use Numverify or work with a developer to build a custom option


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