Best Way To Create A Multi-Day Follow-up Schedule?

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Dear Savvy Sales & CRM Users,


For every new contact I create, I follow the same follow-up schedule:


Day 1:  Send an email.

Day 3: Make a follow-up call.

Day 7: Make another follow-up call.

Day 10: Send a "Just Touching Base" email.

Day 30: Send another "Just Touching Base" email.

Every 90 days thereafter: Send a "Just Touching Base email. 


It's the same schedule for every contact. I'm adding new contacts frequently, and each contact goes through the steps above based on the day I created it.


Please give your opinion on the best way to set things up so that I'm automatically reminded to follow-up with each contact on the appropriate day (Day 3, Day 7, Day 10, etc.). 


I use the free Sales & CRM version. So using sequences is not an option. 


BTW, if a contact becomes a lead at some point in the process, I move it to the "Deals" section and work it from there. Otherwise, I keep following up with each contact every 90 days. 


Thank you so much for your advice!



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Hi @smartspeeches


Great question! I want to pulll in some subject matter experts to advise on this. 


@kframpton@robsobers do you have any suggestions for creating a follow up schedule? 


@dkdelozier I noticed you have asked a similar question in the past-do you have any tips for @smartspeeches


Finally, I wanted to share a few blog posts that discuss following up with leads: 

-How to follow up on an inbound lead

-4 ways to follow up with inbound leads

-Following up with leads


Thank you,


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@jennysowyrda Thanks for the three articles.  They were great. They covered how to follow up with leads.  But I'm struggling with how to schedule my follow ups.  Any thoughts on this @kframpton@robsobers ?