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Hello! We are running into the issue where our sales reps pull in every contact they know into our CRM at certain companies, no matter their role. Some companies have 15+ contacts associated with them. I am wondering if there is a best practice in place for this. Is there a certain amount of contacts recommended per company or is having 15 different contacts for one company considered OK? Thank you in advance!!

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Honestly, I wouldn't say it hurts having more from an individual business if they are known people you are marking too. Typically I only have 1-2 individually actively tagged to a specific deal. However, others could be at various stages of receiving targeting marketing. The benefits could be others could be getting marketing around your organization and offering which causes them to reach out and allow a deal potential to expand.


Obviously, one issue can be the size of your database. Typically if we are looking to add to our DB with new contacts we exclude any currently known company or business. 

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