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Added some contacts to my CRM but when adding, it's made their customer date that date. 


This is inaccurate and something I really need to change, but I can't. 


CRM's need to be able to record the date of when they became customers, but this just leads to inaccuracy. 

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Hi @customlogoshop 


When a contact's Lifecycle Stage is set to customer, the properties Close Date and Became a customer date will be set to the date that the lifecycle stage was updated.


If you then manually select a different Lifecycle Stage, (i.e. change Lifecycle Stage back to Lead), the Became a Customer Date property will be cleared automatically. The Close Date property value will remain unless you manually clear the date value.


It is not possible to set the Customer Date outside of these default settings. 


This is an issue for us.  What does HubSpot  recommend when importing contacts who were already at a customer stage before importing.  It appears as if we will need to add a second "became a customer  date" to accurately reflect the date a contact really became a customer. Is there any plan on the horizon to open these fields up for editing?



This makes it impossible to get clean data when we can't update errors in the database.  Are there any plans to update this property so we can modify the 'Became Customer' date?

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@roisinkirby any updates here? We're about to lose a lot of historical data because the Became Customer Date will be set to the date of import rather than the actual became customer date from a previous CRM. Any tips are welcome!! 

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Hi @kelseyingram392

Currently, this is not a functionality of the tool. If you would like to see this implemented in the future, I would recommend sharing this idea in our ideas forum

Take care!



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