Automatically create deal in pipeline when facebook lead ad form is filled out


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I'm in the early stages of my business creation so I'm on the free hubspot account as I can't really justify hundreds of dollars a year for a paid account until I've proven that it'll be paying for itself.

That said, the primary reason that I signed up for HubSpot was so that I could automatically have deals generated in my deal pipeline when potential customers filled out forms in my facebook lead ads or external website (created with Wix so compatible with HubSpot).  I've searched around but only found forum answers about doing this through a Workflow Automation, which is a paid feature.  Is that really the only way to achieve this?  Seems like a pretty basic/standard thing so if it isn't available in the free package I'm surprised to find that.
Another thing that I'd like to do is to have a list of questions automatically attached to these deals.  It could be through a file that is attached to the deal, or a notes template, or some other method, but ultimately I'd like to be able to go through the questions when I call each customer and fill in their answers.  I'd be less surprised to learn that this level of automation is a paid feature, but figure I'd ask.  Bonus points if it can be achieved through the free version, but I'd still be interested to learn about the solution even if it's a paid feature.

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Hey @JoshTheBuyer 


Thank you for posting in the Community. 


Creating deals automatically from Facebook Lead Ads or external websites/forms can indeed only be done via a workflow in HubSpot. 

You can find more information regarding workflows here: 

Get started with workflows 


For your second question, you could either use the playbooks tool: 

Use playbooks (paid feature)

or you could also attach a file to the deal on the right panel (the Attachments section), uploading file to your File Manager


Hope that helps

Have a lovely day


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