Automatically create deal before a day in deal property.


Hello -

I am trying to create a workflow based off of a date at the deal property. 

I want to have a workflow that automatically create a new deal a month before the renewal day happen.

Ex: Renewal day in deal property is 12/01/2021. i want to have a deal automatically create in 11/01/2021. 

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Hi @HaydenTMT ,

As we don't have any option to create a deal-based wf around a date property but only for contacts, we can try the below around:
Create 'Renewable date' proeprty for both Contacts and Deal.
Now create 1st deal-based wf to copy the 'renewable date' from deal to contact property:
Now create one more wf, contact-based wf, using center around date property:
wf will look lime this:

Hope this helps!

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