Automatically add all received emails from known contacts

I would love some advice here. 


My company has a GSuite account, so I have easily connected my account to hubspot.In Chrome (on a macbook) I can also send emails and log them via Gmail. It's joined up and working so well.


I am successfully sending emails from inside Hubspot to contacts and when they reply, the *reply* is logged in Hubspot.


However, when a contact sends me an unsolicited email that is not a reply to an email I have sent, it does not automatically appear as activity against the contact in Hubspot. 


I know that I can manyally forward the email from Gmail,


However, as Hubspot should be THE PLACE to manage all contact with leads, so I would really like it to automatically appear in the contact's activity feed, so that when following up from inside Hubspot, Hubspot users can always be sure to have seen ALL emails sent by the contact.


This is particauarly important if the contact were to email one of my team individually, others may not always receieve (or notice) this email had been receieved. 


I'm not sure if IMAP works with GSuite, but if I were to connect to the Gmail server via IMAP would that work? Or would ALL the emails that I have in Gmail get imported into Hubspot - even those that are not for contacts in the Hubspot database? 


Any thoughs would be most welcome

HubSpot Alumni
HubSpot Alumni

Automatically add all received emails from known contacts

Hi @SteveVenton,


Thanks for reaching out.
I want to tag in some thought leaders to see if they have any suggestions.
Hi @BethanyH @Joe-Kelp @AM8, would you be able to share your thoughts with @SteveVenton?


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