Automatically Create Deal When Contact Is Created

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How do I set up my CRM to automatically create a deal when a contact is created or a form is submitted?


Also, how can I have properties that are on all contacts or deals, be on a form? So that when a form is submitted it will fill in those properties on their contact page or deal?

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Hi @Rigden 


In order to automatically create a deal when a contact is created, you will need access to workflows - which is a Pro feature. 


You can customise forms with any contact properties you wish, but deal properties can not be added to a form directly - mainly because their could be many deals related to the person submitting the form. If you want form data to be put on a deal (every deal?) then you will have to capture it as custom contact properties firstly, then use workflows again to copy them to the deal. 


Hope this helps.

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